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Tax consultancy


Legal entities

Other tax services

Business consultancy

Business consultancy services for start-ups and existing businesses

Accounting services

Accounting and administration services

Valuations, expertise, due diligence and special audits

HR Management

Consultancy and assistance in all aspects of HR Management

Payroll management and all related administrative management and tax reports

Other services

Advice and assistance to legal entities for specific tax issues, accounting and administrative management

Advice and assistance to individuals for specific tax issues, pension planning and administrative management

Special mandates

The Firm

Cortesi & Associati SA is a Swiss Firm which specializes in tax and business consultancy services based in Lugano.
The firm was established as a sole ownership in 1986 by Donato Cortesi, who had gained extensive professional experience as manager of a leading international consultancy and auditing firm.


Our managers and staff have a wealth of experience, and, over the years, our firm has built up an extensive network of correspondents in Switzerland and abroad.

The Company

In 1991, the firm was transformed into a limited company, the current Cortesi & Associati SA, and over the years, further highly qualified partners and managers joined the company. The current team, employing around twenty people, is formed by highly qualified consultants in the areas of taxation, accounting and HR management.

Cortesi & Associati SA has a subsidiary Cortesi Costa & Associati SA in Poschiavo (Canton of Grisons) which was incorporated in 2009, out of a merger with the former Poschiavo branch office of Cortesi & Associati SA.

The high level of specialisation, the thirty-year local presence in close contact with institutions, the economic and entrepreneurial world, as well as the constant investment in continuing education of the consultants make Cortesi & Associati SA the ideal partner, being able to offer an highly qualified, tailored, and dynamic service.

Cortesi & Associati SA is a member of ExpertSuisse, the Swiss leading association for Audit, Tax and Fiduciary services.


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Lugano in the world

Lugano is the third financial centre in Switzerland.
The economic activity is characterized by its 60 banks, active both nationally and internationally, the presence of all the main insurance company and its 6’000 companies in the fiduciary, commercial and real estate sectors.

our Partners

We are in Lugano

Cortesi & Associati SA
Via Cantonale 19
CH-6900 Lugano

T +41 91 923 27 47
F +41 91 922 76 31

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